Top 5 Things I Never Dreamed I’d Say as a Mom in 2017

Even after being a mom with three live-life-to-its-fullest children, there’s just a few things I thought I’d never say.  Here’s my list for 2017.  So far, 2018 has been status quo.  Let’s keep it that way.

#5 “Never, NEVER, EVER!!!! Pick up snakes again!!!! It could be a black mamba or a cobra and KILL you!!!”

A random snake. Not the one Wesley picked up that day.

Yes, my son and his friend were playing around the house and innocently reported to me a snake they caught. “Don’t worry Mom! I just picked it up by its tail and it didn’t bite me!” (Thank you guardian angel of my 5-year old for either letting it be a harmless one, or protecting him from a deadly one).

That’s better son, stick to turtles.

#4 Take that cricket out of your mouth. (Yep, true story, guess which child).

#3 Stop eating termites.

And her reply??? “Mmmm, I want some more! They taste like candy!” She says with a twinkle in her eye. Candy? I know people eat them. But we don’t! We are vegetarians, remember? Mom has better alternatives for your protein source, trust me!  (Again, guess which child).

#2 Don’t eat ants. (I promise I feed my children. We are not food deprived here, I assure you. Guess which child).

#1 I’m pregnant!

Yep! You read that right. So many friends teasingly or seriously told me they expected to hear a baby announcement within the first year we lived in Africa. And I certainly, positively, confidently, KNEW that that was NOT going to happen. Seriously guys. I am not having a baby in Africa and as much as I’d love four kids, we are done. Funny. You guys are funny.

Well it looks like I’m the funny one and our family could not be more excited to make this announcement. We found out right after Christmas that Harding #4 is on its way and due September 6.

Ultrasound taken at 13 weeks.

And for your reference…

#1 Yes, we plan to deliver here in Zambia

#2 Yes, it will be an American citizen

#3 Yes, this is crazy

#4 But yes, we are all very excited and so thankful for this wanted extra blessing in our lives.

Adding to this bunch Sept 2018!

23 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Never Dreamed I’d Say as a Mom in 2017

  1. Love it, that snake is a tiger, it’s aggressive but not venomous, an it could’ve been the snake. Got a photo somewhere of my brother holding one. Wesley, makes me laugh. But definitely stop picking up snakes.

  2. Alicia! What awesome news and pics. I am not surprised and SO happy for you and your family. Also glad to see a post b/c I haven’t seen one in quiet a while. You and the family look fantastic! Congrats again! Love you.

  3. Congratulations!!!! Again, you are an amazing mother, wife, and woman. God is working mightily in your life. You are continually in my prayers. I love you friend 😘

  4. I knew it when I saw the photo of your family😏! I won’t say HOW….lol! Congratulations, great news! ❌⭕️

  5. Well I said to the girls at East the other day: I wonder if Alicia is expecting?? Another successful guess.

    1. Karen, are you serious????? You can even sense my pregnancies across the world??? I never forget you telling me I was pregnant as I passed you in the hallway at 4 weeks before I even told a soul. Lol!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! You are amazing Alicia and #4 is a great number. I’ve always said after 3, it’s all down hill. 4, 5, 6, 7. Ask any Mom of multi kids. So love to hear your adventures.

  7. Wow….so very exciting!
    Your family is so beautiful. God is with you.
    Glad that you are feeling better now….( Carissa told me)
    Vicki and Larry

  8. Alicia! It is so good to hear from you and to see your beautiful family! Your youngest one makes me laugh! I am so happy to hear about your newest bunch coming soon! God is blessing you. Love you and miss you.

    1. She makes me laugh all the time too! lol. Medicine for the soul. haha. Maybe we will get to see you at some point this summer! We will be at East Ridge church the first week in July.

  9. Congratulations! And I thought I was stepping out of the box by moving to Florida – once again you have trumped me!

  10. So happy and excited for you all. I bet the kids are happy to teach the new baby all about the snakes and crickets and termites! lol. I can’t wait to see you all in June!
    Love to all, Taresa

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