That Big Truck

What do you see?  Oh, I know.  Just a big semi-truck, you pass hundreds of those everyday on the road, I’m sure.  But this one is special.

That big truck.

It’s a container that has been shipped all the way from the States.  It’s finally heeeeere!!!

Unloading the truck.

I’ve been waiting for it’s arrival since we got here.  So as soon as I found out they were unloading it, the kids and I rushed down the road to watch the action.

Stacking the unloaded goods.

Now most of the container was filled with building supplies for church projects, but see those 3 yellow totes over there on the right?  Yep, that’s it!  Well, not all of it.  I had a couple area rugs that didn’t come on this shipment, it was loaded on a container that’s sitting in another country.  So, we’ll get that later.

Two out of three totes.

But for now… it’s like Christmas on steroids at our house.  Books! Books! Books!  School books, science books, music lessons, Bible story books, and just a couple of Craig’s books he snuck in there unapproved. (We were battling weight limits while packing this and the kids’ education mostly won).

Exploring the contents of our shipped totes.
Shayla looking at books.

I also had some home decor filling up the container space.  Had to prevent those books from getting beat up, of course.  So yay for pillows and curtains and a couple bathroom rugs.  It’s amazing what a few things can do to help make concrete walls, feel more like home.

New home decor and Wesley reading...

So if you are wondering what we have been doing the past 24 hours… we have been reading.  And reading some more.

Candid photo of how I found my two kids this morning.

Even our neighbors were infused with the excitement.

Neighbor friends looking at a book on snakes on our front porch.

Happy Friday ya’ll.


8 thoughts on “That Big Truck

  1. What an exciting day! So wonderful to have the things you were waiting for. Yes beautiful pillows and small things can make a home so much more cozy. You planned well!

  2. So glad you and the children are blessed with your books .. and the pillows look great! Sabbath blessings:)
    Donna P

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