Seizure Scare…Again

After church Wesley fell asleep on the couch while we were visiting with a friend in our living room.  Joyce noticed Wesley’s expression with his eyes wide open and said “is he okay?”

One glance at him and I saw that face I saw when he looked at me (without seeing me) during the long scary seizure at home just before Thanksgiving. I flashed back to our race to Erlanger East and his dusky face that wouldn’t wake up.

Wesley was having another seizure. It was a fear I kept tucked away in the back of my mind, but now I was staring at it’s realty.

On the floor-check.

Head turned to side-check.

Airway patent-check.

Start timing my watch-check.

I grabbed the diazepam our pediatric neurologist from home sent with us in case this happened again. I knew exactly where it was. I supposed it would probably expire someday and I’d never use it. Now it was in my hand.

Now here is where I started feeling God’s gentle hug through it all. Dr Lauren is a pediatrician from Loma Linda University in the States and she has been working in the city of Lusaka, Zambia. She just happened to be visiting our rural campus today and was planning to go on an outreach visit nearby. I was sure she must have left by this time but I though it wouldn’t hurt to call and see if she was still around. I was able to reach who she was staying with and found out they were only just about to leave. She ran over within a few minutes and stayed with us throughout the rest of his seizure. She answered all my questions and calmed my mommy heart.

We decided together when it was time to give the diazepam.  After about 10 minutes of seizing, it ended. His little dusky face turned pink and my heart relaxed again. We changed him and cleaned up the yucky mess he was in (wet clothes and vomit). He was resting now, postictal, but I knew he was okay.

It was so reassuring to have a pediatrician here right by our side as we went through this. I couldn’t have scheduled a thousand appointments to time it right in the States, but I move out to Zambia and God brings a pediatric doctor to my living room. If he would have not had that incident at home before we left, I wouldn’t have been prepared with the emergency medication I have now. But I had what I needed and am thankful. I am thankful I was home when it happened.  Many Saturday afternoons I’m away from home and was invited to join an outreach today, but declined.  And who keeps a baby bulb syringe in their purse?  Well, my friend Michelle recently did some cleaning and asked me if I could use it in the clinic.  I had in my bag for weeks and kept forgetting to take it out.  But I just happened to remember it was still in there and so retrieved it to suction out Wesley’s mouth during the whole ordeal.

I also had an overwhelming appreciation for the doctors at home who encouraged us to do a thorough checkup with the EEGs and MRI. Those all came back clear so I have a peace of mind about that. If we wouldn’t have done those tests just weeks before moving here, I would have had a hundred more questions right now and no reassurance.

There’s one more vial left of diazepam.  Not sure how to access any more if he has another one. But I know somehow it will all work out. God prepared us for this, I think He’ll continue to lead, guide, and provide in the future if need be.

But I do prefer this not become a thing.

Thanks for listening to this written outlet of a mother’s heart.

I mean, he’s my boy.

All is well.

23 thoughts on “Seizure Scare…Again

  1. Oh my Alicia, what a story of God’s goodness and love. I will pray now that these seizures do not become a thing and you will continue to see God working all around you. Love and hugs! Sarah

  2. Praying for your sweet Wesley. And for you, friend. We miss you something fierce, but proud of you for following your calling.

  3. Oh Alicia, God is so amazing. I’m in awe of His divine power and intervention. I’m so happy you had everything you need and everyone was right in place. He’s so good. ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. My heart goes out to you Alicia, and I’ll be praying for Wesley and you! You have great courage and faith to be where you are doing what you’re doing for God!

  5. Oh, how scary….and how blessed you were to have a pediatrician so close. Know your mommy heart was frightened for your boy. Love and prayers, Anne

  6. You poor thing! It all very scary…sometimes worse for a nurse’s baby! They know more scarey things that it might or might not be! Hope he is feeling much better now!

  7. So thankful for Gods protecting hand. Glad he’s ok! Praying this doesn’t become a habit!! Stay safe! God bless?

  8. Oh my Alicia! How scary! God was truly looking out for you today! Praying for Wesley and you whole family!

  9. Oh wow! I am so sorry this happened again; but, even more thankful fornGod’s provision and handiwork. Prayers as you continue your journey.

  10. Wow Alicia! I’ll pray that this does not become a regular thing and tha God continues to pour out his grace for your family. Prayers for little Wesley too!

  11. please give Wesley a big hug for me a tell him Muzzie loves him… And is so glad he’s feeling better …will be praying for him …Big hug for Mom and Daddy too …although the years have healed …I can still feel the sense of helplessness and fear terror! I use to feel when Craig was little and had seizures ……But his never lasted so long … My heart goes out to you …oh I am So thankful We have a God who is only a prayer away …❤️

  12. Oh Alicia! My mommy heart just quakes for you in those moments of fear. Praising God for His faithfulness!! And definitely praying for no re-peat experiences of this kind! Hugs and tears!!!

  13. In this I can, as you can, see God’s hand of protection throughout the entire event of Wesley’s seizure. You will need more medication. How scary as a mother to see your precious son go through seizures. I can not imagine. I would be afraid to let him out of my line of vision. God is good and provides protection today over your precious child. I will pray for precious Wesley.

    1. Yes, it sounds like the pediatrician who was here is requesting approval for the diazepam to be available in Lusaka. It may be a few weeks, but I think we can get it.

  14. Alicia,
    My mommy heart sure goes out to yours! Praise God for His goodness and love for mothers and preparing you for this situation. You are in my prayers. Dan and I will put you, little Wesley and your family on our prayer list and also on our churches list. I’m thankful that your precious Wesley is safe and hopeful that God will give you peace and prepare you for whatever needs you have. And earnestly asking God for no repeats. Many Blessings for such a courageous family.

  15. Sorry for the seizure so glad God was with you and provided you with the meds and the Peds doctor! Ptaying for a healing for your baby boy love you! Your a strong Godly woman keep up your great work!

  16. ? So very sorry your sweet boy has had to go through that! Will be keeping him (and you all) in my prayers.

  17. Alicia,
    Ain’t God so good!!! He prepared you, he gave you all the tools you needed, and all the right people to help you!! Prayers for you my sweet friend and for that sweet boy of yours! Prayers for Gods continued guidance and all seeing eyes to remain over you and your family!! Miss you?
    Jennifer B 🙂

  18. Alicia, will be praying praying for Wesley. Thankful for God who is with you even in the hard things. He loves Wes even more than you and you can trust Him even for this. All love, Betsy

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