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It’s been a while since I’ve written an update here, but not because there hasn’t been anything going on.  Just a lack of good internet and a little free time. 😉

It’s late now, the kids are in bed, Craig is passed out from a busy day at work, and I’m relishing a few moments of peace and quiet to myself. This doesn’t happen too often. More frequently I’m ready to pass out as soon as the rest.

Actually it’s not quiet. Outside my window I hear all the outdoor nighttime creatures singing their nocturnal songs. I still get that fuzzy feeling inside like when you go camping, and you lay in your tent, and listen as the air vibrates with tree frog and locust calls. Well here it’s mostly frogs, I think, and since the Kafue River is very nearby, river monitors can be heard making very weird, eerie sounds.

Here’s what life has been like in a nutshell. The sun comes up early and Craig is out the door before 7 am for work. Several mornings a week I head to the clinic and work until lunch. In the afternoon I’ve been working diligently with Shayla in her homeschool, while keeping up with lots of baking, everything-from-scratch cooking, cleaning up mud on rainy days, hanging laundry out on sunny days, and watching a half dozen children that come to my house everyday to play.

Re-discovering my former bread making skills. Each loaf is getting a little better.

Wesley LOVES their company and spends all afternoon outside. Sienna is the baby of the group, but marches around like she’s in charge of them all and echoes reinforcements of any direction I give them.

Silly boys
Silly boys. I’ve been wondering where all my clothes pins go to.

Craig is usually home by 5:30p everyday and we enjoy supper then family walks or motor bike rides around the farm.

Craig with girls on motorcycle
They love rides with daddy!

Then it’s usually a gorgeous time to watch the sunset from our front porch, sinking below the visual line of the Kafue River. After baths and family reading … it’s pass out time— until the next early sunrise.

View from our front door.

On the week-ends we often go out to the villages for outreach. There’s always someplace to go… and I will be updating you on some of those projects soon too.

Village children
A family we went to visit in a nearby village

The last TWO Saturdays there was a laboring mom that came to the clinic and I missed them BOTH!!! Isn’t that the biggest bummer EVER! The first time I was called at 6:20 in the morning to come help with the delivery but the signal didn’t carry the call and message through until over 3 hours later… by the time I ran down there with my church dress on and still wet hair… she and the on call nurse was gone. Gravida 6, para 5’s don’t stick around long. They have their baby and walk back home to take care of life. But this week-end I’m on call at the clinic… maybe… just maybe. 😉

P.S. Yesterday Shayla and Wesley woke up and was chattering in a complete Tongan accent. They carried on like that for about half the morning. Today Sienna said a few things in the same accent as well. I have to listen twice now to see whose talking around here. It’s kinda cute!

P.S.S One day it sounded like tennis balls were raining on my roof… I walk outside and watched these mischief creatures dropping guava fruit from a tree. I made one chirp and the monkeys looked at me for a slight pause before about 9 of them jumped off and scrambled up the mountain like guilty escapees. And then they wait till you turn around and come RIGHT back to steal all your fruit.

Monkey in a tree
Don’t let their cuteness fool you!

21 thoughts on “Life Notes

  1. We can’t wait until we can spend those unique days with you all. Except maybe I will skip the motor ride with Craig. :] Mom and Dad

  2. Love reading your updates! Thanks you so much for taking the time out of your crazy hectic days to let us experience Africa vicariously through you! Your bread look delicious by the way. Love and prayers!

  3. You have busy days. Do you feel it is a slower pace than your prior life? Love to read your stories! Keep them coming.

    1. That’s a tricky question. It is busy in the fact I’m always doing something at home and seems extra work to keep up with normal life. Like laundry and cooking is more work. But slower pace in that we don’t go out much, Craig is around much more and kids have a better routine. We aren’t overcommitted like we were at home, so the stress is WAY less.

  4. Dear Alicia,
    The smile on your face warms my heart. I cherish the journey I have had with you, as a nurse, wife and mother. You have always been like a daughter to me. My prayers are with you daily. Love Vickie

  5. I’m continually praying for you all. Sounds like the Lord has you right where he needs and wants you!!! Hugs and kisses. God Bless you.

  6. Love to hear the news from you! We think of you and pray for you all often. I ask for angels mighty in strength to watch over those kids of yours.? Do you get to see the Busel’s very often? Blessings, Taresa

    1. Thank you for the prayers Taresa! Yes, we do get to see the Busl family frequently. We have enjoyed some homeschool days together and Michelle and I work with the prenatal clinic each Wednesday. Their friendship is such a blessing!

  7. Alicia and family,

    As little girls Haley and I used to read mission stories and dream of being a missionary. Now it is an honor to know a real live missionary family! May God bless you and yours as you serve Him! Hugs and Prayers! ❤️??

    1. Thank you Heather for your sweet note. You are a missionary too, my dear. You always have been to anyone you are around and all those children you invest in everyday. Love you!

  8. I’m loving your posts! Keep them coming please….
    You are on an amazing journey and I am excited for you still even though you are missed.
    Life will never be the same for you after this adventure..
    I am wowed by the view from your house. It is so beautiful!
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love you.

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