Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Today kinda started Thursday, a week ago, like this…

“Baby it’s cold outside!” I can’t remember if I just said or actually sang those words as Craig and I huddled under 3 layers of blankets–but the tune was in my head and the draft coming from the window made me think of Christmas.

While everyone back home is posting photos of pools and parks dressed in t-shirts and flip-flops with summer on its way,  we are heading into our own version of winter.  While most days are still warming up nicely, the nights and mornings are getting colder.

My mind went from Christmas pop music to our last visit with Beatrice, the mother of our local orphan’s home.  She let us know that her neighbor that took in several orphans a few months ago was in desperate need for a few things.  The children did not have a single blanket, and they could use shoes and some warmer clothes.  Craig was swamped with a lot of projects to manage, but I told him that I didn’t think I could sleep another night until we brought those children something warm.

So, that Thursday evening, as soon as Craig got off work, we went shopping!  Went shopping at our local DAPP (Development Aid People to People).  It’s kinda like a Goodwill back home. They get new shipments every few months, I think, and it’s fun hunting for a good find.  (My retail therapy).

Shopping at the DAPP for a family.

After a successful evening in our little town finding some clothes and blankets, I was so excited to head to that familiar little village the next morning to unload the goods, along with crates of bananas and corn we got to go with it.

The next morning we headed out right after breakfast and were not too far away when I turned around and found Wesley seizing in the back seat.  He looked terrible.  Craig pulled over and I hopped in the back to hold him.  He wasn’t breathing well, turning blue, and… OH NO!  Where’s my emergency diazepam!!!!  It wasn’t in my purse.  He had been doing so well on his anti seizure medication we were graciously provided with from the States, that I hadn’t even thought about it!  HUGE mommy fail!  After 2-3 minutes he stopped seizing for a moment.  My relief quickly vanished when he started seizing again with a different behavior than I had seen before.

Meanwhile, Craig has turned around and racing back home, honking and driving around guards and checkpoints yelling out the window “MEDICAL EMERGENCY!”  I could tell by the look on their faces they thought we were mad outlaws, but thankfully they didn’t chase us.  Wesley started throwing up and we just needed to be home with him.

He rested and recovered the rest of the day, so we returned later that evening, unloaded the food for Beatrice, but found the neighbors were away for several days for a funeral.

Craig unloading food at Beatrice’s home.

Then, on Tuesday, my little man turned 5 years old!  Grandma had mailed us a package–like a birthday party in a box, so I made a little party for all his little friends whose parent’s work here with us at Riverside.  They had a blast!  Playing outside and feasting on some cake, apples and popcorn.

Wesley’s birthday celebration with a few of his friends.

The next day we surprised him with a bike.  He was so thrilled!  Craig and I had been planning this for a while.  We have lots of safe dirt roads around our place for him to go on and I was anxious for him to find another energy outlet.  About time for him to learn to ride too.  But it took no more than a day before he decided to try his training wheels on the concrete walkway downhill from our house and ran into the truck below.  Poor thing.  As I held him, trying to console his screaming, I saw a a healed scar on his forehead, looked at a huge scar across his ankle where he sliced it open a couple months ago and got stitches.  A seizure last week, and now, as we soon found out, a fractured arm.  I have this urge to bubble-wrap this boy.

At the hospital to get his arm casted.

We were told to come back the next morning to get it casted.  So, right after breakfast, we went back to the hospital,  got a good ol’ dose of plaster of Paris, and headed back to finish what we intended to do last week.

Sporting his new accessory.

With no further drama or tragedy, we made it to their place, delivered the clothes and blankets, and checked on Beatrice’s family.

Home of some new orphan children.

One of her toddlers is in the hospital with meningitis right now, so she is worried and we did what we could to take care of any immanent needs so she could be properly cared for.

Sizing shoes for the children.

And there you have it– our last 7 days in a nutshell.  🙂


Thank you so much to the donors from our home church, East Ridge SDA Church.  Part of your contribution from the Lamb’s offering fund has helped provide some basic needs for these orphan children in our community.  God bless you!

3 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  1. Bless you! It must be heartbreaking to have Wesley having seizures and going through that with him. I know the angels are helping you to do things to help him. I am keeping him and all of you in prayer. So glad the orphans are warmer now because you are there.

  2. Wow Alicia! You juggle it all with grace! My heart is worried for Little man Wesley!! I’d want to bubble wrap him too! Praying often for you!!!

  3. Hi Missionaries!
    Wow…you amaze me! You are a cool and calm mother.
    God bless that precious little Wesley! He is such a tough little guy!
    Ya’ll are all tough!
    Blessings and Prayers!

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