The Kafue Market Trip

Would you like to take a trip to the market with me?  Don’t get too excited, we aren’t going to the city of Lusaka where where I posted those amazing photos of mountains of fresh produce.  You will find this place much less vibrant, but much more relevant to our area.  Hop in the land cruiser, Craig is driving (for the first time… using this vehicle), and join us and a few ladies from Riverside ready to get away for the morning…

So we are heading to Kafue, about a half an hour away.  My goal here was to find some baskets, shitangi’s for Shayla and me, and maybe a little produce.

I immediately became very aware that only flip-flops were on my feet and that I dressed my kids in the same attire.  This miry mud was everywhere.  We hopped over puddles to get from one stand to the other.  Wesley slipped and splashed us both.  Ughhhh!  (Can you tell I really dislike mud?!).

Shack shops at the market.


Such a muddy place in the rainy season.

At one point I thought I might just catch cholera by standing next to a stagnant body of water with some flies floating on top.  Okay, have you seen enough mud?  Me too.  Anyway…

There were shops of clothes and shoes and plastic goods and shitangis.  There were so many with beautiful African prints to choose from.  I chose a mild design (I’m holding off on the bold African flare for now) and Shayla found one with little pink hearts on it.   This guy (pictured below) jumped in the photo before handing her her newly bought treasure.

Shayla in the shitangi shop.

I was looking at one of the shops when I smelled something awful!  I turned around and saw why.  Found the jackpot of dehydrated fish.

Dehydrated fish.
Want some? Plenty for all…
Yea, that’s what I felt like doing too.

Next were the grubs…

Not impressed.
It’s a thing.

By the time I got to the produce, my appetite had quite diminished and so decided to wait until I got to the grocery market to get what I need.

On our way home we stopped at DAPP.  A store with used clothes for sale shipped from other countries.  They just received a new shipment and had a good selection. We enjoyed shopping for a family we were hoping to visit soon.  Their children had not much more than rags to wear.  $40 later I had 2 bags filled with about a dozen completed outfits.  Can’t wait to deliver them hopefully soon!

7 thoughts on “The Kafue Market Trip

  1. Alicia, I applaud you and your brave family for all of your sacrifices and love for the Lord! What a journey you guys are on!!

  2. Alicia you are amazing. Mud, grubs and dehydrated fish oh my! What an adventure the Lord has sent you on. He has surely chosen the right girl. Praying for you and your family daily. Love your blog.

  3. I will be sure to bring my rain boots to go shopping with you.
    I am proud of Craig providing safe travels for everyone!

  4. Thanks SO much for including us in your mission story for the Lord!
    Wow…those grubs were fat and juicy…..yuck.
    Hope we can see the pictures of the needy family that you bought clothes for….love that!
    God Bless YOU!
    Vicki Rahn

  5. Wow. Grubs?? I would have probably been very nauseated at the market. No more flip flop when going to the market. Lessons learned from that trip I would imagine.

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