Preacher in the Toilet

It began as a competition of loud speakers.  Sikwiza was preparing to hold meetings in a very remote village in the Northern Province of Zambia.  The people had never heard the Gospel in this area before, and Sikwiza was sent by Riverside to share the news of God’s love to them. But there was one man very opposed to this plan, and he began devising a way to distract the village from attending and listening to the meetings.  Read more


We are home! 

We weren’t greeted with a snake in our house like we did the first time we arrived here after that exhausting 3 day journey.  No, not a snake.  But a medium sized black scorpion did and stung Wesley on the leg.  Oh that pitiful scream! And unfortunately it would be poor Wesley again.  
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New Years Update

Dear Friends and Family,

Consider this blog post your personal Christmas/New Years letter.

This day last year, we were in Dubai waiting for our next flight to come to Africa.  Wow.  Was that really a whole year ago?  How do I summarize what this last year has meant to all of us?  There has been so much growing, so much learning and many experiences to look back on. Read more

Heart Harvesters

Most of what I share here is just life from my perspective as a mom and nurse.  But while being a mom, working in the clinic, or visiting families in nearby villages is a large part of my world here in Zambia, it only represents a very small fraction of what goes on here at Riverside.  So much more is being done by a faithful team of workers, and I want to share some of that with you too. Read more

A Labor Nurse Story…

Before I write this next post, I feel the need to explain why I write.  It’s more for my own sort of therapeutic outlet, really, rather than for your entertainment.  But sometimes I let you peek into my heart through these words. I write because these are the moments I don’t want to forget.  These are the moments burdening my mind and I want to sort them out in words.  These are the moments I want to praise God for.  These are the moments I want to look back on and say, “He was faithful!”  These are the moments that if I cling to, will help me get through another difficult time and I can say with confidence, “He did then, and He will reveal His power now!”

And so this is why I write.  And for these reasons I am sharing this very recent experience with you too. Read more