Joy Doubled Up

A couple days ago I was walking down our long dirt road– contemplating a few ideas about the difference between joy and happiness.  Happiness, and what brings us happiness, can be fleeting.  But, joy, on the other hand, is “the fruit of the Spirit” in our lives.  Right?  Anyway, the technicalities of these words were on my mind and I tried to picture the difference between the two.

Fast forward to… this afternoon.  Today I saw my picture. Read more

The Kafue Market Trip

Would you like to take a trip to the market with me?  Don’t get too excited, we aren’t going to the city of Lusaka where where I posted those amazing photos of mountains of fresh produce.  You will find this place much less vibrant, but much more relevant to our area.  Hop in the land cruiser, Craig is driving (for the first time… using this vehicle), and join us and a few ladies from Riverside ready to get away for the morning… Read more

Unexpected Blessings

She knew the signs of labor pains, the 18 year old mother had her first child at 15, and now she was close to having her 2nd.  Her grandmother joined her on a long walk down the dirt road toward a little remote clinic in the bush.  But she didn’t make her desired destination before she delivered her little girl on the side of the road!  She removed the shitangi around her waist and wrapped her up. Read more

Journey Begun

I am sitting here trying to write my first blog post on our life here in Zambia.  Where do I start?  How do I begin telling my story?  Where did this journey really begin?  As I reflect back momentarily I realize it wasn’t when we boarded that plane in Atlanta.  Nope.  Go back a few months… it wasn’t when we decided to uproot our home and life in Tennessee either. Read more